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SHP Wins Three Awards

November 25, 2013

Signal Hill Petroleum Wins Three Renowned CSR Awards for Community Giving and Sponsorship


Signal Hill Petroleum, a leading producer of sustainable oil and gas, has recently been honored with the following outstanding awards in a two weeks period; The 2013 Oil and Gas Corporate Social Responsibility Award, The 2013 Excellence in Business Award and The Signal Hill Community Center Celebrated Business Sponsor Award. All three awards honor the company’s unwavering commitment to both their community and industry.

“We are extremely pleased to be receiving this recognition as leaders and partners in our thriving local community,” Said Craig Barto, President of Signal Hill Petroleum. “Winning these esteemed awards is validation of our commitment to the cities of Signal Hill and Long Beach, and our admiration for our partners and residents that put their hearts and souls into building a stronger community.”

Signal Hill Petroleum Takes Home National Oil and Gas CSR Award

Signal Hill Petroleum won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the 2013 West Coast Oil and Gas Awards Ceremony held in Bakersfield, CA. Signal Hill Petroleum was recognized for their ongoing support of programs and events that resonate with the company and employees. These include the Long Beach Movies in the Park Program, in which SHP has donated over $125,000, the Long Beach Food For Kids Program, in which SHP has gifted $10,000, Signal Hill Movies in the Park, The Long Beach Public Library Foundation, the Women’s Shelter of Long Beach, The Guidance Center of Long Beach, and the Signal Hill Police Department National Night Out program.

In addition, the company recently gifted $250,000 to California State University Long Beach (CSULB) for the development of an environmental geochemistry laboratory. Their generous donation to CSULB supports the purchase of new, state-of-the-art equipment as well as equipment maintenance and supplies for students.

The 2013 Oil and Gas Awards judges, made up of a panel of 52 industry executives commented, “[We are] very impressed with this company’s wide-based community focused approach. Signal Hill is in the trenches with the community dealing with environmental, family, people in need while also providing some fun outlets and even competition that involves a science aspect.”

Sen. Ricardo Lara Praises Signal Hill Petroleum’s Community Investment

Sen. Ricardo Lara’s 33rd Senate District Excellence in Business Award honors local businesses with outstanding work in job creation, customer service and community investment. Signal Hill Petroleum was one of 23 local businesses honored for supporting their communities. In addition to supporting community programs, Signal Hill Petroleum is dedicated to rebuilding jobs and fueling the local economy through job creation.

“We’re honored to receive the Excellence in Business Award from Senator Lara,” said Dave Slater, COO of Signal Hill Petroleum. “Oil production is a major driver to the American economy. Our mission is to ensure American energy security, American jobs and American prosperity through investing in our local community.”

The City of Signal Hill Celebrates Signal Hill Petroleum’s Corporate Giving

Signal Hill Petroleum was named the 2013 Celebrated Business Sponsor at the annual City of Signal Hill Community Services Department Volunteer & Sponsor Awards and Recognition Banquet. The event is held to showcase the loyal companions who have contributed in making Signal Hill a safe, entertaining and lively environment for businesses and residents alike.

SHP has donated over $140,000 to all of the community’s parks and recreation programs, including the very popular Concerts in the Park, which drew in over 40,000 attendees.

“It’s these programs and activities that bring a sense of belonging to our community,” said Michael Noll, Mayor of Signal Hill, regarding the company’s contribution.

About Signal Hill Petroleum

Signal Hill Petroleum is a privately owned California-based energy company that specializes in exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas in urban areas. The SHP mission is to grow a profitable exploration and production company in a safe and sustainable manner for the long-term benefit of shareholders, employees, royalty owners and the community.

Signal Hill Petroleum is dedicated to its communities, environment, and to providing domestic energy resources for generations to come. With a set of core values rooted in a transparent business philosophy, honest approach, and concern for the environment, the company strives to be an excellent neighbor and community partner.

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