SHP Snow Day

Corporate Citizen of the Year

April 27, 2017

Signal Hill Petroleum was honored today, Thursday, April 27th, to receive the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award from the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. David L. Slater, Exec VP and COO of SHP, accepted the award on behalf SHP. While accepting the award David stated,

“We see ourselves as not just an oil company, but more so as a provider of sustainable and environmentally sound energy and jobs for California. We believe that sustainability includes meaningful investments of not just money, but also our time in the communities in which we do business. A key factor in our success in doing this is the character and the quality of people who work at, lead and believe in our company. Some think that the value of an oil company is their oil reserves in the ground, but we know that our prime asset is our people.”

Below is the article written by the Chamber explaining the many reasons why SHP was chosen for this award. Thank you to all who have helped us earn this award. We are proud to be a contributing partner in our communities.