SHP Snow Day

Edible Geology

July 15, 2017

SHP recently participated in the annual Rancho Los Cerritos Mud Mania event. The event is a celebration of adobe and all things dirt. At this event families were able to make real adobe bricks, construct a mini-adobe home, compete in mud relay races, pan for gold, touch live insects in dirt, all while learning about Southern California’s rich history. What better way to learn about the different layers and materials of the earth than to eat it.

At the SHP table, children were given the opportunity to construct a visual representation of the different geological layers, and learn where and how crude oil is made by using edible materials. Blue frosting was the initial start to represent the ocean, and then kids were given the freedom to select which material best represented the different layers of rock, sand and silt. The different edible materials ranged from cereals, cookies, candies and of course, chocolate. It was easy to see that this hands-on experience was a hit!

Although the sugar fun treats were the grabbing points for the kids, the learning about the different formations and how crude oil was made really kept the kids’ interest. This is such an amazing event and SHP is proud to have been involved for over the last few years. It is safe to say, this experiment will be around for years to come.

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