SHP Snow Day

Geology Rocks!

July 19, 2019

SHP’s Community Relations Manager, Alex Rothwell, and Senior Exploration Geologist, Katie Kovac, volunteering at Mud Mania.

SHP recently participated in the annual Rancho Los Cerritos Mud Mania event. This event is a celebration of adobe which is what was used to construct the home at Rancho Los Cerritos back in 1844. Visitors at Mud Mania were able to experience mud themed activities all while learning about Southern California’s rich history.

This year SHP decided to create a booth based around the geology of where adobe comes from. What better way to learn about the different layers of the earth than to eat it? Kids participated in our edible geology craft where they were able to construct a visual representation of the different geological layers and learn where and how crude oil is made. SHP geologist Katie Kovac volunteered at the booth and was able to answer lots of great questions and made learning about the different rock formations fun! It was easy to see that this hands-on experience was a hit!

For more information about Rancho Los Cerritos and all their events click here.