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Pumping Up the Energy at Career Fair

June 9, 2017

Middle school students participating in interactive drilling game.

Signal Hill Petroleum was proud to participate in the Long Beach Unified School District Career Fair last week at California State University Long Beach. Thanks to all the hard work from our Public Relations Manager, Stefanie Gillett, we were able to organize an energy sector and had several of the Long Beach local producers participate as well. The career fair consisted of approximately 6,000 7th graders in attendance over the course of 3 days. With the help of some of SHP’s geologists, engineers, and community relations specialists, we were able to share with students more about the oil industry and how it affects their everyday lives.

SHP engineer explaining to students how petroleum is used in many everyday products.

A special shout out to the local producers Termo, California Independent Petroleum Association, E&B Natural Resources, California Resource Corporation, Long Beach Gas and Oil, California Oil Museum, Society of Petroleum Engineers, and The Young Professionals at the Petroleum Club for volunteering their time to make this event a success. SHP looks forward to participating again next year and sharing with students the type of career opportunities that are in the oil industry.