SHP Snow Day

SHP and The Young Professionals

July 18, 2017

The Young Professionals at the Petroleum Club (TYP) touring SHP’s gas plant.

Signal Hill Petroleum is always dedicated to the development of our future leaders in the oil industry. Last week SHP gave a tour of our operations to The Young Professionals at the Petroleum Club (TYP). TYP is a non-profit organization consisting of talented and active professionals in the beginning or middle of their careers. Their mission is to develop the executives of tomorrow in Southern California’s Oil and Gas industry.

We were delighted to share with the group SHP’s experience as urban oil operators in the Los Angeles basin. The tour began with a presentation from our community relations department on the history of oil in Signal Hill as well as explaining SHP’s approach to having a transparent business philosophy, concern for the environment, and always striving to be an excellent neighbor and community partner.

Following the presentation, TYP members grabbed their hard hats and loaded a bus to get a private tour of our gas plant operation by Sean McDaniel, Vice President of Oil Operations, and John Perry, Operations Supervisor. True to form, the tour ended on the top of the hill by the famous, “Tribute to the Roughneck” monument for a photo op. SHP always appreciates the opportunity to showcase and inform future leaders about our company and industry.